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5 million yuan in funding available to 10 industrial clusters

Number of visits: Date:2010-01-26

On August 13, Dongguan Economy and Trade Bureau declared the 10 industrial clusters listed in the first batch of key industrial clusters are eligible to receive special support from the government. These industrial clusters include: the Photoelectricity of Changping, the furniture designs of Houjie, the electronic cable of Humen, the electronics of Shijie, the cultural innovation of Guancheng, the paper products of Zhongtang, the automobiles of Liaobu, the plastic chemicals of Zhangmutou, the mold manufacturing of Hengli and the food industry of Chashan.

Town and district based applicants for the key support should meet the following requirements. There should be industrial cluster formed in this region. The output of its feature industries should exceed 2 billion yuan or take up over a quarter of the gross industrial output in the region.

The fees involved in the industrial cluster project will be included in the fund for ‘Sci-tech Dongguan’ project. The 10 industrial clusters hereby on publicity will gain special support in the construction of a public service platform, regional branding as well as industrial parks as long as they will be later declared as the municipal key industrial clusters. They will be given a maximum fund worth up to five million yuan from the Municipal Government.

Beside the 10 industrial clusters mentioned, currently, there are five provincial demonstration areas for upgrade of industrial clusters in Shilong, Dalang, Humen, Chang’an and Dalingshan.

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